The Influence of Content Marketing On Consumer behavior

Talking about consumer behavior and how content marketing influences it is something that is steps ahead of where we will be starting off with. In order to get a clearer picture about content marketing and its influence on consumer behavior, let’s first simply go through what these terms are. What is content marketing? How is it different form marketing that we have been exposed to most of our lives? What is consumer behavior? Wat are the things that can influence consumer behavior? These are some basic questions that need to be answered for us to understand this better.

What Is Content Marketing? 

Marketing is a very vast subject. And content marketing is just a drop in the sea of marketing. See, there are basically two basic approaches towards marketing 1) Active marketing and 2) Passive marketing. 

Now, as the names suggest, both these approaches are engaging consumers in a very different manner. When it comes to active marketing, all the ads you see on television, hear on radio, billboards you see everywhere and banners you see in events is all basically a part of active marketing. Basically, it is all the activity done to capture the attention of the consumers and getting the message through. 

Passive marketing has a different approach. It works in a much quieter approach. A much subtler way to reach out and engage consumers. Building brand loyalty without the consumer even knowing what is happening. Passive marketing targets a person’s subconscious mind. Now, content marketing is a technique that falls under passive marketing.

How Content Marketing Influences Consumer Behavior? 

When you create content that proves to be extremely beneficial, useful and valuable for your consumers then it is known as content marketing. Brands often provide helpful content to their target audiences to build loyalty towards the brand. The information offered by brands helps to educate consumers which has a positive impact on the behavior as well. Consumers are more likely to buy from you if they trust you and if they feel that you have been helpful for them in different aspects of their lives. 

Furthermore, content comes in different forms and shapes. Information can be provided to consumers via written content (blogs, articles and Wikipedia pages), visual content (images and videos) and audio content (audio books). Many brands prefer to hire professional Wikipedia page creators as wikis are one of the most authentic sources of information and have proven to be highly informative and helpful for the target audiences. Others may prefer to create videos and put them up online as videos are very engaging. 

The best example of content marketing can be taken from The website is actually owned by Johnson & Johnson, primarily selling products which are specifically for babies. However, this website is target pregnant women and new moms who are looking for information on many things. Now, a large volume of moms is actually using this website as a platform for parenting issues. Now, if you look at the website then you will notice that the website and the information provided on it has nothing to do with selling the products directly but by helping mothers resolve their parenting issues Johnson & Johnson is creating a positive image about their brand in their target audience’s subconscious. 

Benefits of Content Marketing: 

Creates An Impact: As subtle as it might be but content marketing is one of the most impactful techniques that marketers are making use of these days. Targeting the subconscious minds of the target audience is something that puts your brand into the preference of your audience. 

Highly Engaging: The purpose of any marketing technique is to engage the target audience effectively and communicating your ideas and information through content has proven to be one of the engaging ways to approach to your audience.

Innovation: Content is something where your creativity and innovation comes into play. You can be as creative as you want. Your limit is your own imagination. The creation of interesting and creative content is very useful in catching your consumer’s attention and getting your messages across easily. If you observe, many brands use animated video content to capture the attention of their audiences because these animations are extremely creative.  

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