Facility Management in the Middle East

Modernizing Facility Management in the Middle East

Facility Management in the Middle East

The Middle East’s booming real estate sector, including commercial, residential, and industrial properties, demands efficient maintenance and operation. It is why facility management is rapidly gaining traction and proving to be incredibly useful across the region, where urbanization and economic growth are driving the development of large-scale infrastructure and facilities, cites MarkNtel Advisors. As per its recent report, the Middle East Facility Management market is valued at USD 52.5 billion in 2022 & is estimated to grow at a CAGR of around 5.8% during 2023-28.

The growth is quite obvious as FM optimizes building performance, enhances operational efficiency, and ensures sustainability. It consists of a wide array of services such as maintenance, security, cleaning, energy management, and space utilization, all of which are vital to maintaining a safe, productive, and environmentally friendly environment. By outsourcing these responsibilities to professional facility management companies, organizations can focus on their core activities while benefiting from cost-effective and expertly managed facilities. These practices align with the region’s sustainability goals, supporting the implementation of energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions, thus contributing to the overall advancement and modernization of the Middle East’s built environment.

When talking about FM, we cannot ignore the contribution of MEFMA, the Middle East Facility Management Association, in fostering growth and innovation within the Facility Management (FM) industry across the Middle East. MEFMA has consistently stood at the forefront, uniting and advancing the FM sector since its founding in 2009. Their dedication to instating best practices and professional standards is mirrored in their robust approach, aiming to elevate the industry to new heights.

Countries like UAE and Qatar are following the lead of regions like the US and Western Europe, focusing on creating an eco-friendly environment with reduced carbon emissions. Thanks to the increasing adoption of green buildings, sustainable infrastructures, and modern eco-friendly techniques in the region. To maintain and repair green buildings effectively, certified outsourced facility management services are in high demand.

MEFMA: A Beacon of Excellence

Operating from its base in Dubai, UAE, MEFMA extends its sphere of influence across the Middle East region and actively engages with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and beyond. As a non-profit association, MEFMA serves as a central hub for FM professionals, offering membership packages enriched with exclusive benefits, educational opportunities through professional training programs and certifications, valuable reports, research studies on industry trends, and a plethora of regional events that serve as knowledge-sharing platforms.

MEFMA’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the FM industry is epitomized by its highly anticipated MEFMA CONFEX 2023, scheduled for October. This event, themed “FM in the Digital Age – Embracing a Smart Future,” is poised to showcase the pinnacle of technological advancement within the industry.

With insightful panel sessions, enlightening presentations, and captivating case studies from both local and international perspectives, the CONFEX illuminates the path toward a technologically advanced future for FM. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest solutions showcased in the exhibition, partake in expert-led workshops, and engage with B2B Arena and Commercial Showzone, two innovative additions that amplify collaboration and product visibility.

The conference will convene thought leaders, government representatives, developers, FM service providers, and suppliers to deliberate and drive the industry toward a smarter, tech-driven future.

The Power of Collaboration and Recognition

MEFMA’s collaborative efforts, educational initiatives, and knowledge-sharing events continue to add immense value to both its members and the wider FM industry. The recent MEFMA Awards of Excellence in FM 2023, held on May 11, exemplified this commitment to recognizing and celebrating outstanding contributions in the facilities management sector.

The event, coinciding with World FM Day, drew over 300 attendees from the local and regional facilities management sector. More than 30 member companies, spanning service providers and technology solution providers in facilities management, competed for the MEFMA Awards across ten distinct categories. The awards highlighted achievements in areas such as People Development, Customer Experience, Energy Management, Excellence in FM Health and Safety, CSR Initiatives, Sustainability in FM Operations, FM Partnerships, FM Consultancy Best Practices, Digital Transformation, and Technology Implementation in FM.

Celebrating Excellence: A Glimpse of the Future

Standout winners emerged in these categories, including AG Facilities Solutions, Emrill Services LLC, Farnek Services LLC, Imdaad, and United Facilities Management (UFM). MEFMA’s Strategic Corporate Members also received international recognition at the prestigious Global FM Awards of Excellence 2023. Imdaad secured the Gold Award of Excellence for its outstanding submission on Digital Transformation in FM, while Emrill Services LLC clinched the Silver Award of Excellence for its exceptional submission on People Development in FM.

The awards ceremony was a testament to the remarkable progress and innovation within the FM sector. It celebrated achievements, showcased best practices, and honored industry leaders who are propelling the FM industry into a brighter, more efficient, and technologically advanced future. As MEFMA continues its journey, it remains firm in its mission to revolutionize the FM industry in the Middle East.