BIS Registration for Electronics
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BIS Registration for Electronics & IT Products

Bureau of Indian Standards Registration is also called (CRS) Compulsory Registration Scheme which is a mandatory certification scheme for a few products. This Registration is necessary for certain products to be sold or imported in India. By BIS registration your product can gain access to different markets. BIS mark is a quality and safety assurance for consumers. By registering the product manufacturer can increase its product credibility and win the trust of the consumers.

What is BIS Registration for Electronics & IT Products?

The Bureau of Indian Standards was established in 1986 under the authority of Bureau of Indian Standards Act. Products that are not BIS registered may be seized by officials. Manufacturers and importers who sell or import non-BIS registered products may have to pay penalties. BIS Registration helps to ensure that products meet the Indian sets of standards for safety and quality, and it can provide several other benefits. It is a commitment by the Bureau of Indian Standards to consumer satisfaction. 

BIS Registration is a need for domestic manufacturers, foreign manufacturers, and existing Manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers require the BIS Registration to ensure that the products meet the sets of quality and safety standards. On the other hand, Foreign manufacturers who want to export their products to India have to apply for BIS Registration. 

This also depends on their products. Whereas, Existing manufacturers who want to sell their certain products under a different brand or from a specific location have to apply for a new BIS Registration. All these manufacturers must ensure that there is no compromise with the quality of product regardless of their origin.

Which documents are required for BIS Registration? 

Each document plays an important role in the BIS Registration For Electronic & IT Products. Documents not only provide the details of the manufacturer but also specify the product details. Documents which are necessary for the BIS Registration are Business License of the Manufacturing Unit, ISO Certificate of the Manufacturer, Scope of the Business License, Trademark Certificate, Authorization Letter, Nomination Letter of AIR (Authorized Indian Representative), Nomination Letter of AIR, Test Reports Documents of the Product, Product Manual, Trademark Authorization Letter. 

What is the Procedure for BIS Registration? 

The process of BIS Registration for Electronic & IT Products involves a few steps. The first step is application submission in which submission of the application is done by the applicant with the required documents. The application can be submitted online through the BIS official website. Secondly, samples of the product are sent to a BIS-authorized lab for testing of products. The testing process ensures that the product meets the safety and quality standards that are defined by the authorities. After the sample is tested, the lab provides the test reports of the product. 

Later on, scrutiny of documents and test reports of samples is done by the BIS officials to verify that the manufacturer’s product meets the standards that are already set by the Indian Standards. If the product and documents meet all the necessary standards and fulfil each requirement then BIS grants the registration. 

The registration is valid for two years and can be renewed after that. Generally, it takes up to 30 days for the completion of this whole process and it also depends on the product category. 

The BIS Registration Scheme covers many products like Electrical and electronic products, Textile products, Building materials, Medical devices, and more. BIS certification for Electronics and IT products is somewhat similar to BIS CRS Certification for LED Television. As this is also a mandatory certification scheme for all LED televisions sold or imported into India. 

Both certifications help to ensure that these products meet the Indian standards for safety and quality. BIS certification is an important tool for certain products to get access to the Indian market and without it, products may not be allowed for sale in India. So, manufacturers must complete this registration process to expand the growth of business and ensure the safety of consumers.

To get BIS registration for your electronics and IT products, you’ll need to go through a comprehensive process that includes product testing, documentation, and compliance verification. The BIS certification signifies that your products adhere to the required technical specifications, ensuring their reliability and safety.

Navigating the BIS registration process can be complex, with specific requirements for different product categories. It’s essential to work with experienced professionals who can guide you through the intricacies of the certification process.

Induce India is here to assist you in obtaining BIS registration for your electronics and IT products. With our expertise and knowledge of the Indian regulatory landscape, we can help streamline the process, save you time, and ensure that your products comply with the necessary standards.