5 Outstanding Yotpo Alternatives.

5 Yotpo Alternatives Need To Consider For Your Business

Yotpo is one of the popular social media aggregator tools for making this process successful. However, depending on just one option in this competitive world is not enough. That is why businesses are looking for Yotpo alternatives that fit their budgets and provide better features and functionality than Yotpo.

By exploring different options and evaluating their overall features and price they can make sure which tool will be worth their investment. This article will make it easier for businesses by informing them about some of the best alternative aggregator tools to Yotpo.

Keep reading this article to learn about the tools in detail. 

Best 5 Yotpo Alternatives That You Need To Know 

Yotpo is a review management platform and one of the best tools in the market for embedding review widget on the website. It has helped several businesses in trust-building, improving their conversion rate, etc. with this strategy. However, businesses are still looking for better alternatives for it due to reasons like cost, better customization options, issues with integration, etc. and these are just a few reasons to consider. 

Looking into this factor below is the curated list of 5 Yotpo alternatives for you that may make your work less daunting. 

  1. Tagembed

Tagembed is the first and one of the finest Yotpo alternatives on the list. It is a great aggregator that has the ability to seamlessly collect, curate, and embed social media content from 20+ different social networking sites. It offers the users numerous advanced customization features that help to create a great widget to be embedded in their website. 

You can create a great widget for your website using its cool customization features. You can set the font color, font size, and background of your widget, you can choose the preferred layout from numerous layouts, etc. One of the productive customization features offered by Tagembed is the moderation filter. This one is a really helpful feature because users can cut out the content that they think is not appropriate for their website. 

This tool offered a free service to the users that helped them to explore the tool correctly. Next, it also has a paid version which is totally pocket-friendly for the users. Starting from $19 per month to $59 per month

  1. Trustpilot 

Next in the substitute for Yotpo is the Trustpilot in our list. This is one of the prominent and popular aggregator tools on the list. This tool is targeted to different kinds of industries which include real estate, apparel, and insurance as well. And able to collect and curate Google reviews from various different platforms. 

This tool comes with various dynamic features that help users to design their widget to match the style of the website. It can collect reviews and give you different customization options to show them in an appealing manner. This tool also has a cool moderation feature. Other than that it seamlessly syndicates reviews and it has an advanced analytics feature that helps to track the widget on the website.  

Trustpilot comes with two pricing options. One is for everyone and the other is for only the enterprises. Its pricing ranges from $250 per month to $900 per month. And for the enterprises they customized prices.

  1. Reviews.io

Another outstanding substitute for Yotpo is Reviews.io. This impressive aggregator tool allows users to collect Google reviews from various well-known platforms and can even manage the reviews posted by customers. This platform also provides its users with lots of interesting features and also help user to increase there website visiblity and SEO ranking

This tool makes collecting reviews from customers easy for businesses with its review request automation features. This tool can able to make an in-depth competitor analysis. With its cool review moderation feature businesses can able to moderate the aggregated Google reviews and show only the important reviews on the website.

It is also one of the low-cost alternatives to Yotpo. It offers the best pricing option for the small businesses and new entrepreneurs. It provides a different range of prices; its starting price is $65 per month.

  1. Birdeye 

The fourth great Yoytpo alternative in the list is the Birdeye. The platform Birdeye is basically a customer experience and reputation management platform. And one of the key features that they have included in their tool is collecting Google reviews. This tool uses different channels that include social media, review sites, and surveys to collect real-time customer reviews and ratings.  

Birdeye offers its users a variety of features as compared to Yotpo. Not only businesses can collect reviews but it also helps to perform competitive analysis and manage the online presence of the brand, it can be used as a social ticketing tool and can also have the option to track the performance of the widget. 

The pricing has not been listed on the website yet. But those who are interested to know more about the pricing of Birdeye can directly contact the company. Most probably they provide personalized pricing according to the need.

  1. Podium 

Podium is the fifth and last alternative to the Yotpo. This is another review management tool but this allows users to collect interactive Google reviews to be embedded on the website. It allows businesses to enhance their online reputation by reaching out to their customers to collect their reviews. It is the most important feature offered by the Podium. 

This tool can easily monitor the reviews, the best feature for review syndication. Additionally, it works on improving the SEO performance of your website and helps to attract new customers. 

Podium offers 14 days free trial to its users and it comes in three pricing plans that perfectly fit your pocket. Its plans start from $289 per month to $649 per month. Each plan comes with a variety of features. 


As a business, it is so important to go through the various options in the market to choose the one that can perfectly fit your business needs. By exploring the different Yotpo alternatives you can land on the one that is most cost-effective and lets you display the Google reviews without compromising your budget. 

This article has given you the 5 best Yotpo alternatives that have told you different features and pricing options. Now go through them thoroughly to make a valuable investment for the growth of your business.