Apple Homepod Mini Review: Price, Surprisingly Sound, Compact Design

HomePod mini reviews have now been shared by news sources and YouTubers, giving us the first introductions of the speaker’s sound quality and plan. We’ve gathered together a couple of assessments of the speaker beneath.

HomePod mini is provided with an identical S5 chip because the Apple Watch Series 5, which Apple says permits the speaker to “investigate the exceptional attributes of the music and apply complex tuning models to reinforce clamor, change the dynamic reach, and control the event of the driving force and detached radiators continuously.”

Sound Quality

TechCrunch’s Brian Heater said the HomePod mini than usual conveys “astoundingly huge sound” given its size:

I’ve utilized a spread of brilliant speakers in my day, and indeed, I’m truly dazzled with the sound the organization had the choice to flee the three—3-inch gadget. It’s full and clear and stunningly unique for its size.

However, despite its much lower cost and mini size, the HomePod Mini sounds remarkably contrasted with other comparatively estimated speakers I’ve utilized. Even with the quantity at just 40%, the HomePod Mini’s sounds refill my enormous parlor luxuriously and equally.

To be sure, the sound overwhelmed me once I initially began streaming tunes. It didn’t sound distant from the standard you get with the primary HomePod, yet it said twice as significant to my ears to the correspondingly measured sub-$150 remote speakers I’m familiar with hearing. Within the wake of tuning in to the HomePod Mini for a few days, once I returned to my old JBL remote speakers—and even the speakers on my 16″ MacBook Pro (which are incredible speakers for a PC)— both now appear to be metallic in contrast with the character of the sound from the HomePod Mini.

In his YouTube survey, Marques Brownlee similarly said the HomePod mini scale conveys “huge sound”:

Not everyone was similarly dazzled. The Verge’s Dan Seifert said that while the HomePod mini scale sounds excellent, it doesn’t sound tantamount to comparatively valued contenders just like the Amazon Echo and Google’s Nest Audio:

So it sounds great, yet I can not state the Apple HomePod mini than usual sounds incredible. Also, on the brink of the more massive Echo and Nest Audio, the 2 of which cost the equivalent, it essentially can’t continue. It doesn’t have the presence, volume, or sound phase of either, and it unquestionably can’t coordinate the Echo’s bass yield. As it has been said, there is no trade for dislodging.


Forbes’ David Phelan said the HomePod mini than standard features a “cool, conservative plan” that’s indisputably HomePod with its work covering:

However, it’s still obviously a HomePod with the recognizable work covering that’s delicate to the touch, not that you’re going to be contacting it all that much. What’s more, it comes in similar two tones because the first: a dull, smokey dark that’s almost dark however milder looking, called Space Gray, and white. Thanks to the somewhat more obscure shading behind the work, the white isn’t generally white, making for a natural, however engaging look. Both are alluring and just about unclear from the HomePod conceals.

reviews affirm that the HomePod mini link closes with a USB-C port to be used with the included 20W force connector within the case.

The Verge’s Dan Seifert discovered the HomePod mini’s touch airfoil is harder to ascertain from over an area than the Amazon Echo’s gleaming ring:

In my testing, I’ve discovered this light-up board to be more earnestly to ascertain from over the space than the Echo’s sparkling ring. Except if you’re directly on the brink of the HomePod mini than usual, it’s challenging to inform when Siri has heard your voice order and is reacting.


HomePod, mini Price than usual, is valued at $99 within us. Pre-orders started Friday, November with the top conveyances to clients and in-store accessibility set to begin Monday, November 16. Notwithstanding us, dispatch day nations incorporate Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Spain, and therefore the UK.

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