September 28, 2022

The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller isn’t a shiny new gamepad. All things being equal, it is a modified rendition of the gamepad utilized with the Xbox One, having skilled certain overhauls for its delivery accessible the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S comforts.

However, while it’d bear similar name as its archetype and a generally comparative plan, the Xbox Wireless Controller may be a stamped improvement over Microsoft’s past center gamepads.

The Xbox Wireless Controller feels natural within the hand yet unobtrusively extraordinary, with improved material surfaces and refined calculation making for an all the more ergonomically cordial (and open to) playing experience. We’re additionally glad to ascertain Microsoft eventually actualize a committed Share catch to its gamepad, making it impressively simpler to require screen captures and recordings mid-game.

Notwithstanding, the Share catch can in some cases be off-kilter to succeed in and that we ended up disappointed with the gamepad still not being naturally battery-powered – all things being equal, an energize pack should be purchased independently.

It appears to be that Microsoft’s new gamepad takes motivation from the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, offering some of the superior regulator’s first rate configuration highlights during a more reasonable inclination structure. the result may be a smooth, reasonable and open regulator, which just feels ideal to utilize.

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The Xbox Wireless Controller cost is $59.99/£54.99/AU$74.99, however it’s significant that every Xbox Series X and Series S reassure accompanies a regulator within the container.

You’ll possibly got to purchase another regulator just in case you’re hoping to urge a substitution, or a second (or third, or fourth) for center play reception.

You shouldn’t experience and more than difficulty finding extra units either, with the Xbox Wireless Controller promptly accessible at many significant retailers, both on the online and available.

Just as being accessible in lampblack and Robot White, at dispatch the Xbox Wireless Controller likewise arrives during a head-turning Shock Blue.

By all accounts, the Xbox Wireless Controller doesn’t resemble an especially exceptional takeoff from its archetype. It sports a comparable shape, and keeps the customary catch and trigger format. After looking into it further, however, you begin to ascertain the inconspicuous contrasts Microsoft has executed.

For a beginning, the gamepad’s outside now sports a matte completion that intently coordinates the new consoles’ plans. While this unquestionably looks smooth, it accompanies downsides – the dark regulator that accompanies the Xbox Series X effectively gets scrapes tons that are recognizable.

Considering the measure of active time regulators are exposed to it’s conceivable that you’re going to see it difficult to stay yours glancing in best condition for quite while to return.

Other shading variations of the regulator are accessible however (you’ll need to purchase these independently, while a white adaptation comes included with the Xbox Series S), and a few could be less inclined to scrapes.

That is a minor bandy, however, and by and enormous we found that the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller + Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 takes after a more top notch regulator, both in look and feel. The reexamined cushion currently features a material surface on the triggers, grasps and guards, which we discovered caused the regulator to feel safer in our grasp.

What’s more, while the regulator is analogous size as its archetype, the guards and triggers are adjusted and diminished in size by a few of millimeters, which causes the gamepad to feel less massive. just in case you’re somebody with little hands, past Xbox regulators have felt very tanky, however this straightforward change improves comfort levels in an unobtrusive yet observable manner.

Maybe the foremost outstanding changes to the regulator are the expansion of the ‘Offer’ button and therefore the crossover D-cushion. The Share button basically goes about as a catch button, permitting you to handily snap screen captures of your game – a solitary snap takes a preview, while holding the normal for extended records a 15-second video naturally (you can change the video span within the Capture settings).

This is tons simpler than on the Xbox One, where you would like to press the house catch and afterward X or Y, however we thought that it had been a bit fiddly to rapidly take a screen capture – your experience may change contingent upon how huge your hands are.

The half breed D-cushion, but, plans to offer a middle ground between the Xbox One regulator’s exemplary D-cushion and therefore the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2’s alterable circle formed, faceted D-cushion.

What results may be a kind of customary D-cushion, laid over a circle. Once more, this is often a touch yet welcome change and is predicted to offer more control and influence over the D-cushion – while by and enormous inclination more agreeable.

The D-cushion additionally radiates a boisterous snap we’ve not got with a regulator previously. You’ll either think that it’s fantastic or somewhat irritating – we regularly discovered it the latter – however that wont to mechanical consoles might not be too pestered.

In any case, there is a batch about the regulator’s plan that hasn’t changed. It keeps the three.5mm sound jack and development port at the bottom, its USB charge port and matching catch at the highest, and its View, Menu and Xbox catches on the face.


Notwithstanding the restorative changes, the Xbox Wireless Controller acquires upgrades usefulness also. We discovered the regulator to be more responsive, which is probably going right down to the lower idleness Microsoft has gloated about (matched with more casing rate strength of the Xbox Series X/S), while associating the gamepad remotely through Bluetooth to a scope of gadgets – including the Xbox One, an iPhone 11, and a Mac – was clear.

The Xbox Wireless Controller again runs on AA batteries (customary or battery-powered), however within the event that you simply got to dodge the difficulty of adjusting or charging batteries continually you’ve got two alternatives.


You can put resources into a Play and Charge pack (a battery-powered battery back which you’ll use to charge the regulator while you’re playing or between meetings), or interface your regulator to the reassure through USB-C (despite the very fact that this may, obviously, limit your opportunity of development).

As far as remapping, you’ll remap the Xbox Wireless Controller on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S through the Xbox Accessories application – however the degree of customization is fairly restricted.

The application permits you to remap an inexpensive not many of the regulator’s catches as you’d prefer and even gives you authority over viewpoints, for instance, no matter whether your regulator vibrates and whether you would like your sticks naturally transformed. We discovered remapping genuinely clear, no matter whether there are a couple of catches – just like the Xbox button and therefore the triggers – which cannot be changed.

Given that the Xbox Wireless Controller uses the motivation trigger component found in past emphasess of Xbox gamepads – giving haptic criticism to your fingertips once you, as an example, drive the soil streets of Dirt 5 – the absence of trigger remapping is justifiable.

Would it be an honest idea for you to get the Xbox Wireless Controller?

Get it if…

You need a regulator you’ll use with a scope of gadgets

The Xbox Wireless Controller works with something beyond the Xbox Series X/S. The gamepad is viable with Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and Android – with iOS uphold coming afterward.

You have little hands

The Xbox Wireless Controller fits a good scope of hand sizes, especially those with little estimated hands. So no matter what hand size you’ve got, the gamepad should be agreeable.

You need another Xbox Series X/S regulator

It might appear glaringly evident in any case, with regards to getting an additional gamepad for your Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X, the Xbox Wireless Controller is that the most reasonable, dependable alternative – making it a simple decision.

Try to not catch on if…

You need a battery-powered regulator off the bat

The Xbox Wireless Controller again runs on AA batteries (ordinary or battery-powered) or can interface with the reassure by means of USB-C (making it not remote). On the off chance that you simply got to maintain a strategic distance from the matter of adjusting or charging batteries continually then you’ll put resources into a Play and quantity unit – however this could be purchased independently.