Different Bag Styles For Women

Handbags are considered as the crucial accessory for women today. They are used for carrying multiple essential items such as keys, money and phones. But now bags are praised as a fashion statement. There are different types, colors, and sizes of bags that you can use to elevate your overall look.

Bags are made in various materials like leather, canvas and plastic, each of the substance has their own value and unique charm. Apart from different materials, there are specialized bags which are designed by the designer for various purposes.

It is not just a statement of fashion to carry bags, it is a kind of self-expressing tool for your personality. Boost the elegance of your outfit and carry the outclass bag accessory which is offered at friendly prices by Tommy Hilfiger. More than this you can also avail the perks and benefits offered by their Tommy Hilfiger promo code deals on your happily selected items.

Tote bag:

This is the perfect large brimmed bag which is designed to carry many essentials. Its two handled designed and open top furnished look that you can use for your daily purpose Tote comes in various making materials such as leather, canvas, cotton, and nylon. It is the faultless choice when you want to carry your world around things safely in your bag. Tote is a zero closing accessory, you can place it on your shoulder. Keep it under your arm, and be confident. It will give you a styling iconic look.

Shoulder bag:

It is the classic and functional choice. This bag is designed for secure storage and for your comfortability it is characterized by a single long strap on your arm. Shoulder bag is coming in medium size that is great for you to make it your daily use bag. You can wear it in casual outings and formal events, plus you can also consider it as your wardrobe staple. It is secure, because of multiple zippers inside. You prefer to choose one classic neutral color for the stunning touch in your outfit.


Clutches are handheld bags and designed in different sizes and shapes. You can carry a clutch with your classy outfit for your geometric and bold look. For your night outs and happy hours where you plan to be hand free. You can hold this precious go-to item from the bottom of the bag, or from the top. The choice is yours!

Cross body bag:

Carrying a cross body bag is like keeping your hands free while you are on an outing.It is designed to be worn obliquely across to the body. This is the best choice for the people of this era, because no one is supposed to carry anything while using a mobile phone isn’t ?. Cross body bag is smaller than a shoulder bag. You have to wear it around your body and go about your hangout.


Exploring the world with different styles of bags and often becoming heavy with laptops and other essentials. Does not mean to compromise with style, a backpack is the versitike choice for your accessories and laptop things. This bag is designed to offer you a range of choice for your personal style. The coolest way  to wear it , is to carry this bagpack  on both shoulder straps. Make sure to keep it high in your west, the wearing of a single strap will spoil your functionality.

Wallet bag:

Wallets are tiny in size and designed for diminutive essentials to arrange them well. You can organize your cash and cards mannerly. This storing essential is  available in various designs with zip-around type. You can use it for your individual preference to style in  daily necessity.

Satchel bag:

Satchel is a personalized bag which is a good choice for casual attire. This bag is designed with two straps and two buckles to accommodate your needful essentials. The strong material is used to make it long-lasting and good-quality because they are for storing books. You can also keep your laptop and make it versatile to carry.

Basket bag:

These bags are round in design and a short handle for the gripping. Basket bags are usually made with wicken woven or pieces of wood, but some manufacturers use bamboo and rattan material in its making. This bag is available in different shapes, not just in box shape. You can add a stunning touch in your casual outfit like (sundress and jumpsuit) with a basket bag.

Envelope bag:

Envelope bag is a popular choice for girls. It looks like an envelope’s shape with a triangle flap on front. This type of bag is designed for the stashing essentials like ( Lipstick, cash, cards, and phone). Add some touch of style quotient in your personality with an envelope bag.

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Bags are the necessity and the fashion statement for women. Most of the ladies own different styles of bags according to their needs and occasions. Carrying bags can boost up the stylish outfit also gives you the option for your essentials?