What should you consider before buying a mobile phone?


A smartphone is one of the most prized possessions every person owns these days. From children to adults and even senior citizens, smartphones have slowly become a quintessential part of their daily life. However, buying a mobile phone might not be as easy as we think of, mostly due to the thousands of models and brands competing in the markets. There are certain things that you should take into consideration before buying a mobile phone.

Buying a Mobile Phone

In this blog, we are going to help you with certain aspects on what to consider when buying a mobile phone as well as give you some tips on buying a mobile phone. When it comes to buying smartphones, these are some of the questions you should ask yourself. Without much delay, let’s get started with it.

The most important question you should ask yourself before buying a mobile phone is “What kind of phone do you need? Not everyone has the same requirements and nor does everyone look for the same specifications while buying a mobile phone. You should know what the major purpose your smartphone is going to fulfill. And according to the major purpose you use your mobile phone, you should choose a smartphone. It is always better to consider buying a mobile phone that best caters to your needs.

From playing soccer and video games on your smartphone to staying connected with the outside world or completing your office work outdoors, a smartphone can perform a multitude of tasks. It is best to say that a smartphone can be a classroom, office, bank or even a shopping market in your pocket according to the function it is used for. If you are a gamer who spends quite a lot of time on video games, you should opt for a smartphone that is built with an amazing processor to ensure that it performs glitch free. On the other hand, if you are someone who loves photography and videography, a smartphone that offers great camera specifications should be what you are looking for. Doing your research and considering your priorities is the best way to decide which smartphone you are going to purchase.

Check these specifications and compare them between the best players of the smartphone industry before buying a smartphone.

Buying a Mobile Phone
  • Quality of Build

Build is nothing but the durability of the smartphone. There are two types of builds available in the smartphone markets, metallic build and plastic build. Though there are glass built smartphones available in the markets these days, they are comparatively lesser in numbers as well as higher in pricing.

A metal built smartphone will surely last better than a plastic or glass built one. Imagine dropping a glass panelled smartphone from three feet higher. Always check for the material used, size and weight of the smartphone to ensure a longer life to your mobile phone.

  • Display

The display of the smartphone depends on how and what you use it for. If you are a person who loves binge watching tv shows or netflix on your smartphone, you should definitely consider a 5.5inch to 6 inch display before buying a mobile phone. Full HD or HDR will be perfect for your requirements. But do keep in mind that anything more than 6 inches will make your smartphone a bit bulky and difficult to use and carry around.

  • Screen Resolution and Brightness

Buying a Quad HD resolution smartphone might sound wonderful to you but sometimes a full HD smartphone might be more than  enough for you. You should check the screen brightness and color quality thoroughly before buying a smartphone. The brightness should be good enough for you to use the smartphone outdoors and sharp enough for you to have a non-blurred vision of the texts. A minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080p or full HD is better than a 720p or HD resolution. But it completely depends on the person and purpose of use.

  • Minimum 32 GB Storage is a Must

Sometimes you might come across brands that offer amazing specifications but lag behind in terms of the storage. There is no point of having a splendid display and drool worthy camera if 16GB is all that is being offered as the storage space. The lesser the storage space, the weaker the smartphone performance and the higher glitches and roughness. If you want to store images, videos, files and play games and attend online classes without interruption, look for 32GB or above before buying a mobile phone. Though there are options like using a micro SD card to expand the memory in an Android phone, the feature is missing in an iphone. Hence, choose wiser.

  • Camera and Aperture

One of the features that is given the highest priority while buying a smartphone is its camera. While flagship level smartphones like Google Pixel 3 XL, OnePlus Nord Mobile Tech Review iPhone XS,and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 offer spectacular cameras, it is not the same when it comes to a budget friendly smartphone. The megapixels might sound fancy and good to you but the aperture is what decides the clarity of the pictures. Paying more attention to the camera specs like dual lenses, optical image stabilization, aperture etc is very important to ensure a good final output.

Apart from these, you should also look for regular OS updates to ensure that your smartphone is offering you the latest of everything. Checking for timely software updates is also a key point to consider before and after buying a smartphone. There are huge offerings from various brands these days. Price of Samsung mobile phones have decreased drastically and this is the best time to make one yours. You can also buy a mi phone online at very affordable prices.