Track And Eliminate All The FreeLoaders And Bullies at the WorkPlace With OgyMogy

Employee Monitoring app1

Humans have a cunning nature and are greedy too. So we want everything on our terms but with minimum input and efforts. Shortcuts are our favorite and once we are set on that path there is no going back. But one thing is sure you can not have a peaceful night’s sleep on that path. The obsession with fame and money has blurred the lines of moral ethics and values but one must try their best to stick with the old rule book. That would be a tough ride I must say but believe me a peaceful one.  So now the question is how to deal with those around you who are not honest and sincere with themselves as well as others. They have no right to freeload or do whatever they want with unfair means. The answer is simple to cut them off from your lives. There is no space for freeloaders, shortcuts lovers, or bullies in our lives. One must teach them the lesson so that they know the aftermaths of their action and next time choose the right way.

Just look around you, you will find so many people that will be categorized under that group. People who think they are over-smart. Especially at the workplace, there are bullies, freeloaders, talkative people, cunning people, and many more. So as a manager or employer we have to track all those mean kind and teach them the harsh lesson. Instead of using the old custom methods am gonna discuss the modernized way of tracking all the bad apples of the workplace. The method is having a monitoring app for the employees. A monitoring app can be a wonderful addition to your monitoring system. There is no need for questioning and answering sessions as it provides you the evidence and proof thus the best way to keep yourself sane and your employees sincere with your organization. One of the smartest apps that we can use is The OgyMogy.

Screen Recording:

With screen Recording app, users can track every activity of the target employee in real-time. So know about every employee progress rate and contribution in the assigned project with the screen recording feature of the OgyMogy app. It records the screen activities in the form of snapshots and short videos as well. So maintain the timeline of the progress as OgyMogy maintain the record with a timestamp.

Mic Bug:

Keep a check on any bully or freeloader with a Mic bug feature. The mic bug feature of OgyMogy lets the user listen to all the surrounding voices and sounds of the target person. Thus know about any bully or harassment issue by listening to all the official’s matters, meeting, and discussions both on and off the record.

Text and Call Monitoring:

To keep a strict monitoring eye on any employee user can check the call and text messages details of that respective employee as well. OgyMogy provides access to the incoming and outgoing call record of the target person. You can even listen to any specific call as well to know about the details. Users can have remote access to the text message folder of the target person even if they are being deleted from the device.

Skype Screen Recorder:

Different instant messaging apps are commonly used nowadays for the official task. So with OgyMogy, you can monitor the skype and other instant messaging chats of the employees with ease. With a skype screen recorder keep a check on the chat content and make sure no one is wasting time on useless activities or discussing any internal official matter with irrelevant people. Other instant messaging features of OgyMogy include WhatsApp screen recorder, Line screen recorder, Viber screen recorder, Hangout spy app, and many more.

OgyMogy app offers Mac and Windows versions for employee monitoring So use the respective kind and monitor the laptop or tablets of the employees. You can even keep a strict eye on the official smartphone of your employees. As the OgyMogy offer an android spy app version as well. It has a user-friendly interface and is light on the pocket. Moreover one of the best parts of OgyMogy is that it offers features in the form of bundles and packages. Thus users can select the package of their choice with ease.