The Unique Karambit Blades And Their Features

The Unique Karambit Blades And Their Features

There might have been multiple times when you would have felt a good knife is needed. Especially when in danger, the first thing to instinctively turn towards is a right blade. Some tools are used to make our lives easier. Karambit makes your life safer and gives you control of yourself. If you’ve never used a karambit knife before, you’re in for a real experience. It is unlike any blade you might have used before.

The Origin of the Karambit Knife

Used as a war weapon in the Indonesian army, the Karambit is a curved knife shaped like a claw. It was primarily a self defense weapon for direct combat for soldiers. The design was so useful and easy on the hands that it became famous in the West.

Thanks to the amazing curved edge and sharp drop point, the karambit is considered a formidable blade. It has a reputation for being dangerous, as the right move can slash someone open.

Are Karambit Knives Legal In The United States?

While it may seem like something so dangerous will be illegal, karambits are generally legal. They also have various uses in agriculture and hunting so that you can use them. There might be some state rules that would restrict the use of Karambits depending on their policies.

The other consideration is blade size; karambits are not very long. Any knife with a blade size of 3.5 inches is legal for widespread use. The curved blade, along with its body, is typically pocket-sized and hence safe to use.

What Kind of Karambit Knives Are Available In the Market?

You can search your local area for well-crafted knives that are made for prolonged use. Karambits are not the most common blades, so they might be a little harder to find. Either way, they are becoming more well-known now and can be found with a little effort. There are two kinds of karambits you will see in the stores when you look.

●       Fixed Blade Karambit

This type of blade is ideally suited for farming and gardening. You can utilize them in all kinds of agricultural activities as they provide a sharp edge. The blade is firmly embedded in the handle, and it’s meant to be sturdy and durable.

●       Assisted Opening Karambit

Unlike the quintessential fixed blade, the opening karambit is a real pocket knife. The curved blade can be closed into the handle to keep it safe from wear and tear. If the blade is secured into the handle, it is easier to carry places and use at convenience.  

High-Quality Karambit Knife For Sale

If you are buying something as novel as a karambit, you should make sure it’s top-notch. That can be possible when you look through a wide array of products. Usually, you might be able to find something that’s suited to daily usage. But if you want something different, your local stores might have a karambit or two.

Luckily though, you don’t have to rely on local availability. You can find multiple online stores that have a bigger collection of exceptional karambit blades. Collectors and knife enthusiasts also covet quality blades, including this one. So for real, functional, and well-designed blades, have a look at these cool knives:

  • If you are an avid collector, karambits are an excellent addition to your collection. You can find a balance between showy and functional. The 9 Inch Karambit Knife with Spider Web Bladeseems like a fine piece to collect. It has a beautiful design on the blade’s length and a finger ring so you can hold it firmly.
  • As a hunter, the most important thing in your arsenal is a sharp blade. You can buy the MTech USA Karambit Black Serrated Blade Knife. The serrations allow you to cut through the thickest hide and meat. It takes little space because it comes with its paddle holster sheath, so it stays compact. You can carry it wherever you like and get maximum usage out of it.
  • The convenience of a pocket-sized blade means it is everyday carrying. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, and that is what karambits gives you. Even with a fixed blade, their size is ideal to be used in first aid and emergencies. The Tac Force Karambit Fixed Blade Tactical Knifeis made to serve multiple purposes. Most importantly, if you need a self-defense weapon, this knife should do well as a weapon.

Finding Affordable Knives For Sale

If you are to buy karambit blades that tick the box of form and function, you have options. You can also add reasonably priced to that list. Knife Import gives you a fantastic range of wholesale knives that will fit your budget.

You can spend less by buying bulk knives and also ensure you have an adequate supply of blades when needed. Collector, professional worker, farmer, or ordinary civilian, a karambit can serve all.