February 4, 2023

Would you rather read or listen? Medium for audience engagement is changing dramatically and so are the types of content marketing that is used to grab their attention. Gone are the days when people used to read. Now is the era of voice search and live videos. The future of content marketing depends solely on the audience. Marketers should emphasize their audience needs and convenience in order to create a successful strategy. Here are some of the future trends of content marketing that you should follow to create brand receptivity among your potential audience. 

Prevalence of Voice Searching

People nowadays are preferring to speak instead of typing. About 42% of the population around the globe have performed a voice search and this number is likely to increase in the future. Whatever they are intending to search they would instantly speak. For example, instead of typing the best CRM software, they would fluently speak hey google, what is the best CRM software? So now if you want your content to rank higher on google searches optimize your content accordingly.

Marketers need to understand the type of questions that their customers are most likely to ask. Especially answering those long questions. Here, Wikipedia create page may also help you in gaining higher ranks and increasing credibility.  

Visual Content Will Be a Ruling Marketing Strategy

Visual content marketing rate is going to continue to reach the top charts in the future. Writing is no more a silver bullet and people are learning more through the visuals that include videos or live-stream. 95% of the message is retained by the viewers when delivered through some visuals.

Videos let the audience to engage for a much longer time as compared to the readings. After its arrival in 2015, the live stream has now become a crucial content marketing strategy. As it helps to provide a personal touch to your audience in a much realistic way. It also helps you get close to them and let them feel your brand’s authenticity. There’s no indication of this trend to end very soon!

Podcasts Will Be a Look-At Content in Market

The robotic life of people now requires multitasking. For people who prefer audio-oriented content, a podcast is the best fit for them. You’ll be amazed to know that number of people listening to podcasts has increased three times since the last decade. Not only it increases the engagement of a massive audience but also helps them choose the content that grabs their interest. Podcasts are a content form that is easily accessible. People could work while listening to your content. The best part is it doesn’t require focused attention that may warrant you to multitask. 

Smartphones Will Remain a Handy Tool for Content Marketing

Increased adoption of smartphones is a no-brainer. About 77% of adults in America own a smartphone. For teens, this value has reached to 95%! People are now consuming the content on smaller screens and rely less on desktops. Meetings are confirmed via smartwatches and social media is scrolled while doing random stuff.  

This is the reason why marketers prioritize mobile strategy for their content marketing. The content should be easily accessible on mobiles. The landing pages and various email campaigns are designed considering the mobile-first strategy. In short, the future of content marketing lies with small screens. Whoever adopts this trend will surely build strong brand recognition.

Personalized Content Will Continue to Prevail

Personalization is something that is taken as a great experience from the audience’s side. In the future, this strategy will be the most used one. Personalized content helps establish trust and improves customer journey in the process of brand building and lead generation. You may try Wikipedia create page for your content to achieve higher rankings. People are now looking for content that may help may facilitate them with remote working. Creating personalized content will help your customers get support in every stage. 


The above read provides you some most predictable trends highlighting the future of content marketing. These trends are even prevalent today and will definitely reach the top charts in the future. If you want to create a successful content marketing strategy, follow these trends, and adapt accordingly.

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