Monitor Employee Android Devices with TheOneSpy

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Are you bothered by your employees? Do you have a fear that your employee may reveal the secrets of your business with your competitors? Do you think your employer can no longer give 100% to work? To get a satisfactory answer to such questions, find a solution according to the current time.

This has become necessary for businesses to give their own devices to employees. As when they use their own devices, they get to remain in touch with their family, friends or with social media on duty. IT highly distracts them from their actual job. In such a way, medium-size businesses also adopt this system by providing Android devices to their employees. Android phones are easy to track as compared to iOS.

In this article, we will expose an incredible Android monitoring app for businesses. Its powerful features brilliantly perform such a unique function that enables any business to grow rapidly. Let’s get started with its introduction.

TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring App

TOS has become the necessity of this technological time. Most companies use Android phones for their day-to-day business operations. Therefore, most of the mishaps occur through phones.

TheOneSpy provides a complete solution package to business setups, containing 250 plus advanced tracking features. Empower can not only track their team mobile phone but can also spy on the other employees who are externally in their contact. Timely monitoring results in the prevention of employees from time-wasting and enhances individual work performance.

Else that TOS facilitates its users with valuable services like 14 days of the money-back guarantee, virus-free monitoring, the discount pack offers, 24/7 free helpdesk and technical services for users.

Here we look at some important TOS’s employee tracking features and their working.

Employee Tracking Features:

Call Logs:

Allows the user to listen to all inbound and outbound calls live and record them as well.

Messages Tracker:

 Gives complete access to the user’s overall incoming and outgoing text messages. No matter, either chat is happening on SIM or any social media app/platform.

Live 360 Camera Streaming:

 Enables the user to have a look at the surroundings of the targeted person up to 360 views.

Live 360 Surrounding Recorder:

 Empowers the user to listen to live voices in the surrounding of the targeted person.

Password Chaser:

 Snatch all inserted password on the targeted phone by the targeted person. It spies on both passwords like figure based and pattern-based.

GPS Location Tracker:

 Spy on the live location of the targeted person. It keeps all the records of the Map route with the exact date and time.


 Allows the user to set the pin locations on MAP which the user thinks safe/secure or unsafe for their worker.

Screen Recorder:

 Allows the user to record live activities of the targeted person that he/she performs. It records data in the form of a short video and transfers them to users’ online cloud portal.

Social Media Accounts Tracker:

 Tracks all activities of targeted social media accounts performed by the targeted person

What can be the major reasons for monitoring Employees?

Let us share some major and common points which push the business owner to adopt spy technology.

Lack of Employee’s Productivity:

Sometimes, the employer sees a clear reduction in the performance of hardworking employees. It may be due to the particular person’s laziness or relaxation during duty. It badly affects the productivity of that person’s team members as well.

Therefore, businesses use spying apps to find out what their employee does during duty hours. So, the authority could take serious action against it.

Make sure the Protection of Company’s Confidential Data

Emails are the most confidential data of any business. If any employee leaks any single mail by mistake or consciously, it can put the company in danger. So, TOS email tracker keeps the user updated about all sent and received emails on the targeted device.

Use of company equipment for Personal Need

Usually, the employee thinks no one is viewing them and starts using the company phone for their personal use. It indirectly proves harmful to the business. So, the spy app helps the owner to take notice of such things instantly.


It turns out that in this technological age, Android spy app are a unique and perfect solution for all businesses. Employers use surveillance apps to spy on their employee’s activities to maintain the goodwill of their business and improve the internal and external setup.