How to Reward Your Remote Employees

How to Reward Your Remote Employees

Every employee likes to be acknowledged for their efforts. So, it is important for business owners to recognize them whether by giving very public kudos or through sending an appreciative email. Also, you may find it interesting to know that employee recognition boosts their motivation levels, thus allowing them to become more productive. As companies are increasingly shifting towards a remote workforce, finding ways to reward your employees has become extremely essential. Here are a few ways that you can use to recognize your remote employees.

#1. Be Flexible

You have to show some leniency to your remote employees and allow them a little freedom with their work. You can even take their suggestions before making any business decision. This would make them feel valued. Also, allow them autonomy and show grace when they decide not to follow your way of doing things. You can interact with them to find solutions to business issues.

#2. Know Your Employees

When you have a remote workforce, you can reward them by allowing them to work on their own schedule. This will certainly make it easier for your employees to handle work. However, if you want to do this then don’t think about setting up a fixed schedule. You have to know your employees in order for them to work at their own pace.

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#3. Provide Opportunities to Learn

If you want to reward your employees then why not give them an opportunity to learn a new skill. You can ask them to attend special classes which you would pay for. This will be great for the growth of their career. You can offer them the option to choose the type, of course, they want to study whether it be related to meditation or exercise. You can even ask them to go for personal development courses as it will support their physical and mental wellbeing.

#4. Gift Them Company-Related Goods

Who doesn’t like gifts? Therefore, if your team does exceptionally well, you can consider treating them with some cool gifts. For instance, you can give them a polo shirt with the company logo imprinted on it. This gesture will count as a token of appreciation and could turn out to be a great way to give them a significant company-branded boost.

#5. Support Peer-to-Peer Recognition

If you want to build a strong team then consider encouraging peer-to=peer recognition. It will serve as a great way to boost employee engagement as well. If an individual does really well then you can highlight the person’s achievement on your company’s intranet so that everyone can know about his/her accomplishment. Whenever an employee is acknowledged by their peers, it not just raises the bar for everyone but also solidifies a positive company culture.

#6. Accept Diversity

No one individual is similar. People have different religions, beliefs, and values. Therefore, it is important for you to know your workforce well. And then you have to be respectful of their cultures and acknowledge their holidays and traditions. One way you can learn about your employee is through hosting a casual event that can have your staff share information about not just about them but also about their religion.

#7. Add a Personal Touch

In this digital world, taking some time out to write a handwritten note is an excellent gesture that can make your employees feel special. If you just can’t find the time to write a personal note then compose an email in which you would acknowledge your employee’s hard work.


The work environment of businesses has become more dynamic. Therefore, it is important for you to develop a cohesive company culture that encourages remote employees and acknowledges their achievements. I remember when an employee from the content department team accomplished a big feat when one of his blogs which he wrote for the company got featured on a well-known B2B website. To recognize his achievement, I got him the Spectrum TV subscription. You too can reward the high performers of your organization as it will only boost their confidence.