How to Apply Creative Performance to Your Digital Content Strategy

How to Apply Creative Performance to Your Digital Content Strategy

The main advantage of online marketing compared to traditional marketing is that from the first one can obtain exact, precise data, thus obtaining maximum efficiency in the performance of the campaigns, as well as a greater return on investment.

This is the reason why the online investment of advertisers currently exceeds that made in traditional marketing. If we add to this the growing demand for Video Marketing, we tripled it.

What is performance marketing or results marketing?

Performance marketing or results marketing is a very important tool when it comes to tackling the marketing strategy in our company. This strategy, based on payment for results, offers great advantages when measuring and studying the data obtained; which is essential for optimizing the budget available in our Animator Companies, in addition to ensuring better conversions.

Performance marketing campaigns are becoming more and more frequent within digital marketing and especially in audiovisual formats ready to broadcast on the web or mobile. The reason is that through these campaigns we can obtain easily measurable results through tools such as conversion pixels or cookies. Thus, within performance marketing, we must pay special attention to monitoring those metrics that involve interaction, such as registrations, downloads or sales; Since it will be based on the result of these for what the advertiser pays. 

Both animated video and animated infographics are essential
for a creative audiovisual strategy

There are many advantages that performance marketing offers:

  • Ease of measuring the ROI of the actions carried out.
  • Possibility of setting objectives based on this ROI.
  • Optimization of campaigns in real time and greater control of them.
  • More efficient management of the budget available for digital advertising.
  • Wide variety of formats and channels. 

Video strategy with results

When it comes to performing marketing performance in our company, we can choose different formats, although undoubtedly the strategy of videos with results within our creative performance is the king of content

Videos are very useful within the brand strategy, although, as in any other format, the content that we create in video must be adapted to our user depending on the phase of the sales funnel in which it is located; as well as the channel in which we are going to share it. 

What seems to be an unquestionable fact is that users value video content positively within the brand strategy. According to studies, almost 90% of B2B companies use video in some of their marketing campaigns and 83% of marketers say that video generates a positive return on investment.

Among the compelling reasons to use it in our content strategy, we highlight these:

  • Capture the attention and interest of your audience.
  • Improve the SEO positioning of the brand.
  • Offers higher retention rates.
  • Increase engagement with consumers by creating emotional bonds with them.
  • Generate higher conversion.

Taking into account that, according to marketing professionals, conversion rates in audiovisual format are higher than those of other formats, it seems essential to include audiovisual strategy in our results marketing strategy